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Fresh from the oven waiting for you


Famous Upper Peninsula taste

Gluten Free Pizza Crusts
Gluten Free

Ask about our GF pizza crust!

You’ll think your kitchen just turned to heaven.

When you pull one of our freshly baked, awesome specialty pizzas out of your oven it’ll be hard to imagine you could eat that good in your own home. Stop in for the best pizza in town! 

Have an absolute favorite pizza, like pineapple and green olive?

Whatever your favorite may be, we can make it for you. For creations that are really out there – like broccoli meatball – you can always add your own ingredients after you take it and before you bake it!

Is your oven on the fritz, or just not big enough to contain that many toppings?

Even at Tasty Take & Bake, baking is an option for you and your pizza. Whether you want us to bake your pizza for you to eat the second you walk in the door, or you want to get out of the house and enjoy a meal next to our large sunny windows, our ovens are hot and ready! So eat in or take out - either way you'll savor every bite of our delicious pizzas!


Ever wish cooking was as easy as turning a single knob?

Come in to Tasty Take & Bake Pizza today, located at 725 Hwy 51 Woodruff, and take home a delicious dinner. After that, all it takes is an oven and – maybe – some plates.
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